Solid, striped, rainbows and textures, we’ve got the socks you’re looking for in here!

  • Checkered

    Checkered (1)

    King me! You won't feel like a square in these classic checkerboard sock styles.
  • Floral & Nature

    Floral & Nature (4)

    Fantastic and fabulous flowers from bold and beautiful blooms to delicate petals and swirls of vine, floral socks are like a garden for you to tiptoe through. This is also where you'll find other organic, natural patterns, like waves and clouds!
  • Geometric

    Geometric (9)

    Diamonds, zig zags, chevrons and more, socks with geometric patterns are a great alternative to stripes.
  • Plaid

    Plaid (1)

    Plaid socks! There's not enough of them in this world. A classic pattern that's at home everywhere, from the school yard to a uniform.
  • Rainbows

    Rainbows (10)

    Rainbow socks are a proud declaration of the color spectrum. Full of prismatic whimsy and joy. Since we love a good rainbow as much all the other dreamers of the world, we aim to keep a solid supply of various patterns and palettes of rainbow socks in stock
  • Ribbed

    Ribbed (9)

    Ribbed socks are great at staying up and standing up to boots, but their cozy, cushy texture is just as great curled up at home. Sometimes ribs are so delicate to be mistaken for simple vertical stripes, but even the daintiest ribbing is delightful.
  • Solid

    Solid (14)

    Just the socks, ma'am. No stripes, dots or patterns, just solid colored socks and maybe a little texture. Perfect uniform socks and school socks, in lots of classic colors!
  • Stripes

    Stripes (25)

    Thick or thin, multi or monochromatic, striped socks have a very interesting history in clothing, worn by everyone from deviants to revolutionaries to aristocrats. We have LOTS of striped styles to suit every meaning and mood!