• DreaM Stockings

    DreaM Stockings (17)

    Custom made for Sock Dreams in the USA, most of these styles are totally unique to our company! Knitted on antique machines, DreaM Stockings are a funky, modern take on vintage legwear. They may not feature the kind of sock construction you’re used to, but their peculiarities are what make them so special! While this collection includes plenty of wild stripes and super-long socks, it also includes some great basics, at some of the best prices you’ll find. Most of our DreaM Stockings are made from regenerated cotton blend yarns, and are then packaged with a simple, recycled cardstock tag, tied with yarn. Sock Dreams is proud to offer socks that do not waste precious resources.
  • Dreamer Socks

    Dreamer Socks (38)

    A more contemporary line of socks made specially for Sock Dreams in the USA. While our DreaM Stockings line features funky, vintage-style socks knitted on antique machines, Dreamer Socks boast finished cuffs and great stretch for dreamers of a wide variety of sizes. A newer addition to the Sock Dreams family, these styles have quickly risen to become some of our most popular socks, due mostly to their fantastic fit! Each shipment of Dreamer Socks is stretch-tested by our own staff to ensure their quality and fit are up to our standards before they are lovingly wrapped in a recycled cardstock sleeve, for minimal environmental impact.
  • Coverage

    Coverage (55)

    Looking for knee high socks? OTKs? Tall socks or crew socks? We've separated everything out for easy searching!
  • Plus Size

    Plus Size (23)

    Voluptuous legs and curvy calves, worry not! We've got you covered, and we're adding more plus size socks all the time. These styles have all been tested by Dreamers large and small for fit and comfort. We know shapes and sizes vary as much as fingerprints, so we do our best to test everything out when it arrives and give you all the info we can: foot size, calf stretch, top stretch, length... Please see the sizing tips on individual products for specific information, and remember that if you’re having trouble finding the right size for you, we’re only an email away! Just tell us your measurements and the styles you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Kid's Socks

    Kid's Socks (2)

    Itty bitty socks for teeny tiny toes! Baby socks and kid’s socks come in a wide range of sizes for quickly growing feet, and there are even styles that match adult sizes so the whole family can rock their socks!
  • Patterns

    Patterns (54)

    Solid, striped, rainbows and textures, we've got the socks you're looking for in here!